Bentonite in agriculture

Bentonite in agriculture

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Bentonite in agriculture: uses, tips and where to buy it. From the application on life to the combination with sulfur.

Bentonite, what is it

Therebentoniteit is an absorbent materialphyllosilicate. Basically we are talking about a clayey mineral consisting mainly ofmontmorillonite (a mineral based on aluminum and magnesium) and other trace elements (usually calcium, sodium, potassium or aluminum).

Due to its great molecular complexity, experts face problems ofnomenclature: it is really difficult to classify clays generically called "bentonite" precisely because various other elements (calcium, sodium and potassium) can be associated with aluminum and magnesium. For these associations, we speak of:

  • sodium bentonite
  • calcium bentonite
  • potassium bentonite

Already the structure of phyllosilicates, in itself, is complex. A phyllosilicate consists of a very symmetrical crystal structure. In bentonite, silicate (which is a compound based on oxygen and silica) is associated with magnesium and aluminum in superimposed layers.

Why bentonite is suitable for litter

It is precisely the tetrahedral structure that makes thebentonitethe perfect material to form thecat litter box and other small pets. Therebentonitein fact, it counts a powerful oneabsorbent propertythus also retaining the volatile compounds responsible for bad odors.

Bentonite in agriculture

The application of thebentonite in agricultureit can greatly influence the amount of soil and there are many applications. Given the ion exchange capacity, bentonite is used in soil conditioning.

On the world scene, thebentonite in agricultureit would appear to be used extensively in the fields north-east of Thailand. Bentonite, in this area, has reversed the state of soil degradation bringing strong economic returns with higher production yields.

Studies conducted by theThe Water Management Institute(publication 2002-2003) focused on the application ofclaysto make agricultural land more fertile. Field tests have shown positive results: the soil treated withbentonitehas seen greater yields of forage, sorghum and other crops.

Due to its properties, bentonite is also used to absorb moisture in soil for gardening, as a support for pesticides, herbicides and to recover the soil in marshy areas.

Applications in the home garden can be just as promising. For example, if you have a poorly fertile and extremely sandy soil that cannot retain water and organic matter for your plants, you can add bentonite at the same time as fertilizing.

Bentonite for the care of the vine and the vegetable garden

For now we have only talked about the ability of bentonite to improve the structure and quality of the soil making it more fertile. This is not the only agricultural use of bentonite, this substance is also useful for combating various diseases.Why thebentonitecan it be useful in combating various plant diseases?

Bentonite has the ability to create a molecular bond with water, incorporating and retaining it. This was already clear! When bentonite establishes this bond, it transforms into a sort of waterproofing gel which mechanically counteracts the onset of cryptogamic diseases(fungi, including downy mildew of the vine) and, at the same time, protects the plant from phytophagous parasites.

To perform treatments against fungal plant diseases, thebentonitecan be associated withsulfuror copper sulphates.

In the protective treatments of vines and garden plants (including ornamental plants) vulnerable to fungal diseases, it is used in combination with Sulfur.

In biodynamic agriculture, we speak of "NAB Blend" in reference to the English acronym ofBentonite Natural Clay. When the fungal disease is already underway, bentonite associates with copper sulfate and no longer with sulfur.

Where to buy bentonite for agricultural use?

In the most supplied agricultural consortia or at retailers specialized inorganic farming or biodynamic farming. Bentonite can also be bought by taking advantage of online sales. There are several proposals available on Amazon, to give you an idea of ​​the prices visited This Page.

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