Thyroid diet: tips

Thyroid diet: tips

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Thyroid diet, to heal with food, as well as with the appropriate therapies indicated by specialists, but also to prevent any problems that this part of the body may present with age. Let's see the many proposals of thyroid diet that run and which ones can be considered, remembering not to improvise and to ask always confirm to the attending physician before choosing a "particular" diet.

Thyroid diet: tips

Thyroid diet usually becomes necessary when the thyroid is slow. If he struggles to do his job and doesn't keep pace, we tend to get fat even if "on paper" we are not messing around. It is then possible to start following a thyroid diet, not eating less but choosing the right foods.

Usually these diets are mainly based on fish, rich in iodine and vegetables and allow you to lose weight, making us return to balance even with regard to the level of hormones. For the thyroid, as also mentioned in the talk of goitrogen foods, it is important to ingest the correct amount of iodine because the most common cause of hypothyroidism is dietary deficiency of iodine and tyrosine, amino acid contained in proteins.

For other tips on the thyroid diet, here is an interesting book: A chef for the thyroid. From appetizers to ice cream. Thirty-two hypoiodic recipes.

A thyroid diet, for being rich in iodine, can predict the presence of some types of algae, also, which actually have the highest amount of iodine: 10 to 140 micrograms per 100g. Also fish and shellfish they are not bad at all.

Vegan thyroid diet

It is one of the too drastic diets that they can end up being harmful to the balance of our body. On the one hand, because it does not provide a sufficient supply of energy, on the other, because it does not contain enough proteins, which are inevitable if we want to feel good.

There Furthermore, a vegan diet is often rich in goitrogen-like cruciferous foods which are to be limited as much as possible to avoid hypothyroidism: rocket, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, radish and watercress.

DietHashimoto's thyroiditis

By Hashimoto's thyroiditis sin means one form of chronic inflammation which can damage the thyroid by inhibiting its ability to produce hormones. Proper nutrition to deal with this problem must be almost free from white sugar, dairy and gluten, even to be eliminated or almost. Also in this precise case, cruciferous vegetables are not welcome: let's not eliminate them but check the quantity. I am referring to broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, especially when eaten raw.

With fruit and other types of vegetables, above all carrots, red pepper, sweet potatoes, leafy vegetables, avocado, we can abound instead. Foods recommended for Hashimoto's thyroid diet are i sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, flax seeds.

Blood group thyroid diet

The blood type diet can sometimes be recommended in case of thyroid problems. It condemns some foods that negatively affect metabolism, including by raising blood sugar levels, thereby damaging the thyroid. They can therefore be at the basis of dysfunctions such as hypothyroidism.

By limiting foods that contain a lot of starches, or a lot of sugars, this blood type thyroid diet focuses attention on three categories - cereals; the sweets; fruit - to which he also adds potatoes, sweet potatoes, tapioca, chestnuts, etc.

The concept of blood group emerges because what those who follow this regime claim is that sensitivity to these foods also varies with respect to the group: people of blood type 0 would be much more sensitive to fruit compared to the other.

Gluten-free thyroid diet

It is a type of thyroid diet that is recommended when, in addition to being hypothyroid, you also have a gluten intolerance. In these cases there is intestinal malabsorption caused by celiac disease and which can negatively affect the state of health.

The gluten-free diet can be decisive and provides the exclusion of any food containing even minimal traces of gluten. This means no pasta, bread, pizza, focaccia, biscuits, snacks and snacks and tight control over the ingredients of cold cuts, ice creams, sauces ...

Vegetarian thyroid diet

A vegetarian diet that also eliminates fish is not the mouse because the latter is a recommended food if you have thyroid problems. Between the various versions of vegetarians, it seems that lacto-ovo-vegetarians, peach-vegetarians and semi-vegetarians have a lower risk of having hypothyroidism than people who ate everything. However, it is ongoing studies.

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