Mating cats: how it happens and period

Mating cats: how it happens and period

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Mating cats, suspicious animals when it comes to making new acquaintances and indulging in cuddles and effusions but not when it comes to mating. Reaching sexual maturity very early, within twelve months but sometimes even six months, these felines immediately begin to be active. Cats enter into heat and it is already possible for cats to mate, so it is good to know their dynamics, both if you own one of these animals, and if you are dealing with feline colonies or stray cats wandering near our homes.

Mating cats: how it happens

For those who have one it is not easy to guess how a cat mating occurs, let alone for those who do not "frequent" these animals assiduously. There are customs to be discovered that can be surprising, for better or for worse.

Before mating there is the courtship phase, after which we see the female engaged in a series of dances and movements that she manages to do in an innate way, with the aim of attracting the best suitors to herself. At this stage, pre-mating, often vocalizations and meows are heard accompanying the cat's dance always to ensnare the male. A few minutes before the real thing happens mating cats always the female, prepares herself by putting herself in position and thus giving a go-ahead signal to the male cat.

This posture which aims to communicate its availability, consists in lowering on the limbs until the belly touches the ground, but lifting the pelvis and bending the tail to the side.

Mating cats: pain

The female appears to be in pain when the penetration begins and emits a very loud cry. When she is ready, in position, the male climbs her back and bites her on the scruff to hold her still and begin to penetrate her.

While I cry, the cat also tries to bite the male who is mounting her. All this takes a few seconds, it takes longer to tell it than to see it with your own eyes, the male cat then detaches itself and the female often makes some kind of turns on itself, with an expression that can be interpreted as pain.

Mating cats: period

L'mating cats occurs when the female goes into heat. It can happen multiple times, repeatedly and frequently, and we shouldn't be surprised that the same cat agrees to have relations with other cats, so every time we have a litter the kittens do not necessarily have the same father.

Another peculiarity of cats mating lies in the fact that females release female germ cells, called oocytes, after mating: this means that only after a certain number of intercourse, a "tot", do the oocytes pass from the ovaries through the fallopian tubes to the uterus.

If the female has mated the eggs are released, otherwise not, then we can expect an average break of up to 15 days ending with another heat. Obviously if there was no conception.

Mating cats in the house

As we have mentioned, in cats they are quite active animals from the point of view of mating, so if we want to manage it at home, we must take into account that the commitment is not "one-off". The female goes into heat several times, from February until October, like all animals called "seasonal polyesters".

Mating cats see the male act quite violently, but only when the female gives him the signal that she is ready to be penetrated. If we have a male in the house, it is good to know that he will signal his presence to the female with urine splashing, looking for and following in turn those left by the female. The male will always be able to fight with other suitors, it is common: they fight both to dominate the territory and to possess a female, there are no other reasons.

Mating sterilized cats

If we don't feel like it manage cat mating at home and not even a cat in the mating season, noisy and even hyperactive, can we opt for sterilization. A choice that many make when they realize that the cat is incredibly promiscuous, male cats are perpetually ready to mate and females go into heat very frequently.

There sterilization inhibits sexual instincts, but the males can also continue to have fake mating with cats in heat, it is also the other way around, obviously without any kittens being born. A sterilized feline changes character, too retaining the sense of hunting, intelligence and vivacity, he becomes less vagabond, more affectionate, less aggressive and more greedy. From a health point of view, if we sterilize a cat within its first year of age, we lower the risk of developing breast and uterine cancer.

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