How to measure fever in one second

How to measure fever in one second

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Measure the fever in one second, reliably, is now possible thanks to a simple but extremely useful object: a digital thermometer with infrared sensor like the one I purchased and that you see in the opening image of this article.

There fever measurement once upon a time it happened with mercury thermometers which, in addition to containing a substance harmful to the environment, had a number of contraindications including:

  • possibility of breaking
  • need to lower the mercury column after each measurement (at the risk of ... spraining the wrist! :-)
  • possible inaccurate measurement linked to various factors (e.g. thermometer not in contact with the skin, perhaps due to the presence of a flap of mesh between the tip of the thermometer and the armpit)
  • difficulty in measuring children who are unlikely to be able to stay still for more than a few seconds.

Fever measurement: what is it for

The human body temperature usually varies between 36.5 and 37 degrees. Fever is one of the mechanisms put in place by our body to fight viruses with the unfortunate consequence that a higher temperature also puts our cells in difficulty, generating a state of malaise.

For this reason, measuring the fever when we are unwell is important to adopt the right therapy recommended by our doctor. Trying to lower the temperature immediately and at all costs with the use of medicines can therefore lengthen the time of the disease because in this way the action of the fever that naturally fights the viruses is counteracted.

When to measure fever

Body temperature varies throughout the day in relation to various factors including food intake and related digestion and the practice of sports. In women, the menstrual cycle is another factor that affects the body temperature.

In general, the lowest level of our body temperature is recorded at night, around 4, and the highest in the evening around 18.

The detection of fever at various times of the day is therefore useful for determining the course of the fever.

How to measure fever

Fever was once measured with glass thermometers containing mercury with some contraindications in terms of comfort and practicality.

The measurement of fever was once carried out by placing the thermometer under the hollow of the armpit (axillary temperature) or alternatively by inserting the tip in the initial part of the anus (rectal temperature). The waiting time to have the survey worsens around 5 minutes.

Another "very rough" method often used by mothers in the absence of a thermometer was (and still is) to put a hand on the forehead of their child to evaluate "by feeling" the perceived level of heat.

How to measure fever with a digital thermometer in one second

Today technology offers us digital thermometers using infrared sensors with which you can measure the fever in a second (not so much to say but in the true sense of the word! :-)

The digital thermometer I have purchased on Amazon for 25.99 euros and that I have personally tested is the one produced by Etekcity that offers the possibility of running a double measurement: the first by placing the sensor on the front and the second by inserting the special spout with sensor in the ear duct.

In both cases it is sufficient to press the relative button for 1 second to obtain instant temperature detection.

For mothers struggling with restless babies I think it's a great advantage!

However, here are some features of the product that I appreciated:

  • simple, immediate and accurate temperature measurement
  • instruction booklet in Italian and without any typo
  • product with a pleasant design and offering a good grip and a feeling of "robustness"
  • batteries included in the package
  • pouch to store the product
  • clear display that lights up for a few seconds after reading showing the detected temperature degrees (so you can immediately read the temperature even in the dark)

The digital thermometer I bought on Amazon

As you can see in this photo I took while holding the digital thermometer, the two buttons to press for temperature detection, depending on preference, are marked with the words "HEAD" (head / forehead) and "EAR" (ear) to further facilitate use (in the opening photo of this article that I got from Amazon you can see that the buttons were previously marked with F1 and F2 which could cause confusion ... especially if the measurement was carried out with a high fever! :-)

The Etekcity digital thermometer allows you to measure the temperature both in Celsius degrees than in degrees Fahrenheit.

The offered function can also be useful for monitoring the course of fever automatic storage of the last 10 readings.

The product is guaranteed for 2 years. If you want to buy it, as written above, you can find it on Amazon following this link.

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