Transformation of car into electric

Transformation of car into electric

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Transformation of car into electric, it's time to understand if it is a garage experiment or a sector of the market in which to believe, aim, come forward and assert yourself, in the world. It is time, for months, thanks to the entry into force of a law that makes everything more feasible. We are not just talking about Transformation of car into electric, the same metamorphosis could also see other vehicles as protagonists such as those used for light freight transport, such as bees, apecars and the like, and those for urban transport.

Transforming car into electric: how to do it

To implement the Transformation of car into electric it is necessary to remove the internal combustion engine and replace it with an electric one by attaching it to the clutch with a coupling. Even if in theory they might not serve, the gearbox and clutch remain, they could be useful for example if you are tackling very steep slopes. It should not be forgotten that it is then necessary to fix the battery pack, both heavy and bulky.

There are those who put it in the trunk, while others believe it is better that it ends up in place of the petrol tank. To finish the Transformation of car into electric control electronics must be created to enable us to manage batteries and optimize their consumption and our comfort.

For all these interventions, real “conversion kits” with electric motor, battery, mechanical and electronic parts have been created - and will come more and more practical. Each model or almost, will need its own and the Vehicle registration, as already happens for those for LPG, will have the task of validating them, to let authorized workshops, certified one by one, take care of the assembly, of the operational part of the Transformation of car into electric.

It looks like an infinite chain but to the end customer an approved vehicle, after the Transformation, costs a few hundred euros, it hasn't always been like that. Before the law, there were kits available abroad and which touched thousands of euros.

Transformation of cars into electricity: legislation

Let's take a closer look at the decree that revolutionized the sector of Transformation of car into electric. It is 219/2015, which came into force recently, and it is the one that regulates the transformation of combustion cars into electric vehicles. With the new rules it has become possible to transform a petrol or diesel car into an electric vehicle, which was not previously, or rather, it was but only as a "test" or experiment. And the cars obtained only had a "test plate".

For years, since before 2012, in Italy there were those who pushed for this type of law and in 2012 an opening was obtained at the political level, not enough, however, to make the sector interesting as the new law did. Now everything is different, because the implementing decree sets the practical rules according to which the Vehicle registration will validate the Transformation of car into electric, a procedure that will become more and more common in the life of our machines and of those who drive or trade them.

Transformation of car into electric: advantages

Why so much desire this law finally in force today? Because the advantages that the Transformation of car into electric they are numerous and very interesting, they concern a large slice of citizens. There is an obvious saving on fuel costs and for at least 5 years exemption from road tax, insurance costs can even be halved and those for both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, if not halved, certainly decrease a lot.

We can also forget about having to change the oil and filters. Those who are lucky and live in those municipalities where electric cars do not pay for free parking on the blue lines, has another advantage, and probably also has free access in the limited traffic areas (ZTL), not to forget that when the blocks arrive anti smog traffic, who made the Transformation of car into electric, can turn serenely, with a clear conscience and air.

Transformation of car into electric with Vintage Garage

In Lozza, in the province of Varese, Vintage Garage proposes the Transformation of car into electric with an interesting project baptized New Life. A perfect name if you think that this procedure gives a new life to the old car, perhaps unused for years and sadly abandoned in the garage. We can make it a green vehicle, improving their productivity and efficiency.

Vintage Garage takes a vehicle with a petrol or diesel engine and transforms it into one with exclusively electric drive. We are talking about cars but this applies to all motor vehicles with 4 wheels, not only therefore those for the transport of people but also for freight or public transport. As long as, if we talk about buses and trucks, they are under the 3.5 tons.

How it works Vintage Garage? Install an electric motor with power converter in place of the old motor, insert a battery pack in place of the fuel tank and finish the Transformation of car into electric adding an interface that is used to manage the recharging of the batteries themselves. The New Life project He delivers us a vehicle without the now useless exhaust pipes, radiator and cooling circuit.

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