Montessori method: books and games

Montessori method: books and games

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Montessori method, for those in the sector, MM, is that educational system that takes its name from the woman who developed it a long time ago, Maria Montessori, when education in classrooms was very different from what we can see today with our eyes or hear from those with young children. Today tens of thousands of schools have adopted the Montessori method which, with books, games and lessons, can be declined so as to be able to appeal to children and teenagers from zero to 18 years.

Montessori method: what it is

The educational system called Montessori method it is also based on the independence of the "subject" who is educated, obviously within certain limits, not random but codified. Furthermore, respect is in force and at 360 degrees, both from a physical point of view and as regards the psychological and social development of the child who enjoys a certain freedom to choose, designed to be age-appropriate.

The International Montessori Association and the American Montessori Society (AMS) define increasing degrees of education for the various age groups, we work not for classic classes, those we think about, and that we have attended, but rather children are more mixed: from 0 to 3 years, from 3 to 6, from 6 to 12 and from 12 to 18 years.

This should stimulate socialization and collaboration between peers, peers who stay together both during the blocks of didactic work, each lasting about three hours, and during much more proactive and engaging educational activities. I mean workshops and initiatives designed to encourage the discovery and "construction" of knowledge experienced firsthand.

In Montessori method, books and games are chosen on purpose to trigger the desire to learn and to know, inspired by a constructivist psycho-pedagogical model, a method that recalls the inductive empirical one of many scientists

Montessori method: courses

The courses to learn and teach the Montessori method they are organized by the homonymous Foundation which organizes them for train school staff and nursery staff and educational structures, in collaboration with educational institutions and educational offices.

Usually this kind of courses requires a commitment of 300 hours, certainly not all of frontal lessons, it would be a contradiction of Montessori method same. In fact, the teaching includes many exercises and some seminars but also the production of materials and documents such as books and games.

The method of teaching the Method is inspired by cooperative learning, that is to say that the goal is achieved by actively involving the participants.

Montessori method: enabling

By participating in a recognized course, del Montessori method, you get a title that can be declared and unlined in the public rankings, the teachers themselves who hold these official courses have many years of experience in training and at the same time also many years behind practical activities, in the field, in schools and in contact with boys and girls. Absolutely necessary since the Montessori method it is anything but pure theory.

Montessori method: books

The Montessori method at home. How to raise a curious and autonomous child", The title of this book, available on Amazon for only 11 euros, is the summary of what the very method of the reasons why more and more parents choose it for their children means. It is one of the best ways to immediately water autonomy, trust in one's own ability, concentration, creativity.

Leafing through this volume you can meet over 100 business proposals for children up to 6 years old, ranging from sprouting a seed, to creating an animated drawing, from learning to orient themselves blindly, to discovering magnets. All games you can play at home or in the yard, without the need to purchase expensive or unavailable materials.

Montessori method: games

This is just one example of the games that those who follow the Montessori method. Dida is an “Didactic clock”, In wood, as often happens with this type of approach. Another feature is that of tracing shapes of animals or elements of nature, this time it was the turn of Turtle, slow, the best companion for a child who wants to learn to read the time while having fun.

Montessori method: opinions

Over time, views on the Montessori method have changed a lot, today it has received a lot of support and is quite well known and appreciated, when the idea was born the situation was not exactly the same. Maria Montessori thought of this alternative way of educating children when there was a very rigid and severe atmosphere in the classroom. All the pupils were glued to the desks and forced to listen to hours and hours of not particularly engaging frontal lessons.

Today even the structures that have not officially adopted the Montessori method, they were inspired by them for aspects such as furnishings or the choice of books and games. This translates into “child-friendly” classrooms, less austere desks and chairs, games in which the child is the protagonist and creates, books that require a lively participation from the reader when they tell.

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