Psoas: muscle of the soul

Psoas: muscle of the soul

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Psoas, it seems an acronym of some strange association instead it is a muscle and it is inside the body of each of us. It is not among the most cited, yet you think that in ancient oriental cultures it was even considered the muscle of the soul. Not only for this, but also, it is good make sure it is relaxed and running, Why it helps us to overcome anxiety and fear. It is also an important part of the body because it guarantees structural balance, helps us in movements and contributes to joint function and flexibility. If we have neglected it so far, we can fix it right away.

Psoas muscle

Also called Ileopsoas this muscle has the task of connecting the legs to the spine, therefore it is essential for many movements that we perform every day without even thanking him for the freedom of action that silently gives us. This psoas is not a simple connection, it is an element that allows us to maintain balance and ensures that bone structure is sustained.

It is vital from an anatomical point of view, but also on a psychological level: according to Liz Koch, an expert in this muscle, a deepness is released from it desire for survival and our will to thrive.

Psoas great

Keep the muscle healthy Psoas it has both physical and psychological benefits, which is why it is best to know how to make it work perfectly. It is not a question of size but of general health and to protect us from any problems with the psoas it is better to make sure that our days are not hectic and full of moments of anxiety and tension.

Agitation does not help us to feel ourselves at ease with the body and to take care of it for the benefit of our mind too. Whether our psoas is big or not, let's dedicate it physical and breathing exercises.

Psoas contract

In particular if it is contracted, the psoas cannot guarantee its good functioning and we absolutely must correct our position, most likely incorrect. In work breaks, while we relax, how are we supported? Better pay attention not to live with this msucolo contracted, which can also lead to hip or back problems going to also reduce our agility and our freedom.

Not to mention the feeling of constant anxiety that we carry on us if it is psoas is contracted. The first thing to do is to relax by lying on our back, be careful that this muscle relaxes and allows us to release all tension.

Psoas yoga

If alone, as self-taught, we find it too difficult to do decontract the psoas, we can give ourselves to Yoga, a discipline that provides numerous relaxation exercises lying on the back perfect to achieve our goal. After learning the movements and Recommended Yoga positions, without even realizing we will find ourselves with a relaxed psoas and a completely different mood.

In our help there is an accessory designed ad hoc to improve the flexibility of the spine, to let us release tension and to stretch the muscles. It's about a Wheel for yoga exercises, on Amazon we find it at 40 euros and it is perfect not only for the psoas but also for exercises that act on the chest, shoulders, back and hips.

Psoas stretching exercises

Let it be Yoga, to give us a hand, or Pilates or other practices that follow the Feldenkrais method, the important thing is that we acknowledge the extreme need not to make it contract. It will help us to chain a relax and overcome anxieties and fears. In addition to connecting the legs and the spine, it is also in contact with the diaphragm, a fundamental part of the body for the breathing that will be more and more regular and serene.

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