World Children's Day

World Children's Day

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World Children's Day, it should be every day, to wade into a different tomorrow, but there is an official date when even the most distracted cannot help but stop and reflect and find out about how children all over the world live and are growing . Data and campaigns, in this one World Children's Day, depopulated, a few days before until the peak, the same day. Then, silence, or almost, on the part of most, until the next World Children's Day. Will this happen again this year?

World Day of the Rights of the Child and Adolescent: when it occurs

There World Children's Day officer is celebrated on November 20, in all countries of the world and when we talk about childhood, we also include adolescence. The day was chosen based on the date on which the United Nations General Assembly adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Adolescent, in 1989, on that occasion, this annual custom began of remembering the important document and renewing the commitments made, year after year, always different because the reality of the world's children is evolving.The signed convention collects the consent of almost 200 countries, Italy ratified it in 1991, in some cases the official signature, however, does not mean a concrete respect for the rights of the little ones, still today to be defended loudly, not just shouting it in chorus in the World Children's Day.

World Day of the Rights of the Child and Adolescent: what is celebrated

They are celebrated in children, in the World Children's Day, but not to say how cute and funny and beautiful they are to photograph. They remember their rights and think about how to defend them one by one, country by country, sometimes even case by case.THE main rights concern discrimination, survival and development, listening opinions but in general in such a compressed context in which many children are no longer children under the age of 10, it is essential not to waste time and to inform everyone as much as possible.So that anyone who sees a child's right violated does not shut up and does not turn his head. It is a daily commitment that in the World Children's Day it simply needs to be renewed for another 365 days.

World Children's Day 2018: events and activities

One of the most active associations all year round on what concerns the rights of the child is certainly the Telefono Azzurro: its activity is historic and every year it organizes a series of initiatives involving organizations and people so that the message remains impressed in the following days.And also some data on which it is right to dwell: second UNICEF-UNHCR-IOM in 2015 there were 400 million silent victims of the commodification of organs, of the various forms of slavery, not to mention the minors who pay the consequences of wars, terrorist massacres, physical and psychological abuse and employment in organized crime.If everyone can do their part, in World Children's Day, It is essential that in Italian schools there is coordinated and widespread action so that the children themselves are in the front row. To know your rights and to know how to defend yourself from those who threaten them.Some examples of simple and effective initiative to be done with those who attend primary school. Spend the day proposing songs and nursery rhymes to recite and miming together on the theme of friendship and solidarity, perhaps also ranging on the enhancement of diversity.Moving on to older children, we can also think about the text of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, from the preamble, also taking in hand the pages of authors and essays who have committed themselves in a more evident way not to let World Childhood Day go unnoticed. I think about Gianni Rodari or Bruno Munari.There are also films and cartoons full of messages that are well associated with the one to be transmitted November 20, the important thing is not to shrug your shoulders but stop at think of the child that we have all been.If you liked this article keep following me also on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, PinterestOther articles that may interest you:World Friendship DayOutdoor games for childrenInternational Animal Rights DayMontessori method: books and gamesCulture bonus: what it is

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