How to decorate the Christmas tree

How to decorate the Christmas tree

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How to decorate the Christmas tree: tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree that is original, elegant and worthy of the Christmas tradition.

Christmas is almost upon us. The symbol par excellence of this holiday is certainly the Christmas tree. It doesn't take long for photos of colorful trees to appear on every social network which, to tell the truth, are not always very beautiful to look at. In this article you will find out how to decorate the Christmas tree, with lots of tips to make a selfie-proof tree, without risking your creation looking sad and skimpy.

Which Christmas tree to choose

If you have not yet purchased a Christmas tree, we suggest you take a synthetic one, avoiding real trees unless the possibility of replanting them in the ground is made explicit. Synthetic trees are comfortable because they can be reused every year, they represent a small investment, so don't skimp on the price.

The trees to be absolutely avoided are those with few branches and leaves, because it would be difficult to hide this characteristic that would make them appear dying, "plucked".

How to assemble the Christmas tree

If you have purchased an artificial tree, you will have to assemble it. At this stage it is essential to follow the instructions to the letter and take care to open every single branch properly (to avoid the "plucked" effect). Pay attention to the symmetry of the branches in order to obtain a more realistic and pleasant effect.

Decoration of the Christmas tree

Here we are at the decoration phase, the most important to be able to make a beautiful Christmas tree! Yes, because you can have the thickest and most beautiful tree in the world, but if you don't decorate it ad hoc you could end up with a mass of shapeless lights and colors! Let's find out in detail how to decorate the Christmas tree.

How to decorate the Christmas tree

What lights to choose for the Christmas tree?

Before hanging balls and any other decoration it is necessary to place the series of lights. On the market there are different types, from the more traditional ones to the series of LED lights.

We advise you to prefer LED lights, maybe you will spend a little more but the costs will be amortized thanks to the energy savings obtained in the bill at the end of the month. If you can't find LED lights you can opt for the more traditional series of lights but try to buy small bulbs, better many small lights than few and large.

Make sure that the series can cover the entire tree, avoiding those unsightly gaps in light. Always start at the bottom, so that the remote control for the lighting effects and the electrical socket are firmly fixed to the ground. If you want a truly "showcase" effect, you can help yourself with wire to attach the string of lights to the branch, thus hiding the unsightly plastic wire of the series.

As for the color, buy one in tune with the decorations (even if a little more color has never killed anyone!) So leave room for imagination!

For all the information on the choice of lights (better warm or cold lights? How many lights do you need for a tree of 2 or 3 meters? And so on ...) we refer you to the page:how to mount the lights on the Christmas tree.


This is probably the funniest part of preparing the Christmas tree: the decorations.

Also in this case the choice of decorations is very subjective (remember that the Christmas tree must be a joy not a moment of stress). However, here are some tips to get a truly top Christmas tree:

  • The theme

Who says that Christmas trees are they only made of balls? Today there are many original decorations that can be used to decorate a tree, in addition to the classic balls it is possible to decorate a tree with: flowers, butterflies, bows, food or home-made decorations etc. You don't have to be taxed, if you decide, for example, to decorate the tree with classic balls, this does not exclude the possibility of adding some other decoration, such as bows or butterflies. All right decorate an original Christmas tree, but be careful not to overdo it.

  • Color

The color, perhaps more than the theme, greatly affects the success of the tree. Better to use one or at most two colors (for example silver and blue or gold and red). Try to use decorations with that shade.

  • The arrangement of the decorations

The arrangement of the decorations is also important to give a beautiful effect to the Christmas tree. In fact, the largest objects should be placed in the lower part of the tree. The size of the decorations must gradually decrease as you climb up to decorate the tip of the tree with the smaller ones. This way you will get a more harmonious and visually pleasing effect.

  • The tip

Whether it is a traditional tip, a bow or a star, the main problem is that the central branch of the tree is unlikely to stand straight. This end is often delicate and malleable. To solve the problem, simply fold it and tie a plastic stick to the central trunk on which to place the decoration. You will never see straighter tip!

  • The company

Remember to prepare the Christmas tree with loved ones, it is a moment to enjoy together, a way to spend time with those you love; this is the most important thing, more than any decoration!

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