DIY Christmas Wreaths

DIY Christmas Wreaths

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Christmas wreaths, we have time to learn how to do them and get excellent results in time for when they will be used to hang on your door, at home, in the office or even on the dog's kennel if you allow it. There are a thousand ideas and tricks to achieve Christmas wreaths imaginative at home, the best are those obtained using recycled materials such as old buttons, wooden clothes pegs, plastic bottles or fabric scraps.

DIY Christmas Wreaths: How To Make Them

First of all, before making them you have to "design" them and you need to understand if we need them for the outside or for the inside and up to what dimensions we can dare. Big or small, the Christmas Wreaths they always remain the simplest and most sincere way to remind us of the upcoming holidays without appearing exaggerated with those hit and run decorations that are sometimes too showy.

To achieve DIY Christmas Wreaths at home, with your children or grandchildren and relaxing in the evening, it is also a good opportunity to reflect on the Christmas gifts we would like to give and receive, if we have not already decided.

Christmas wreaths with pine cones

Pine cones are particularly suitable for making Christmas wreaths, are in the Christmas theme, they are also comfortable to find around and to handle. We can join them with hot glue to each other and then fix them on a cardboard support.

To give a touch of color to our work, we take colored ribbons and, if desired, also dry twigs collected in the garden, or aromatic herbs that will make ours Christmas wreaths also scented.

Crochet Christmas garlands

They are not garlands that everyone can make, those crocheted, but those who have this ability cannot help but indulge themselves in these days to create some ad hoc decoration. On the other hand, those who find themselves having to learn from scratch, put themselves under, so Christmas next year can do the same, and this time can fall back on Christmas wreaths with ties, to be recycled.

Nothing to be ashamed of, even in front of guests: we are reusing a material instead of polluting, we must be proud of it. With del wire which creates the rigid structure, then the ties are only to be woven as desired so that the colors complement each other better.

Christmas garlands in felt and felt

For this type of garland it is necessary to obtain felt or pannolenci, cardboard, thread and a padding material. They also serve pencil, chalk, scissors and a compass to draw a perfect circle on the cardboard so that the shape and size are what we want.

Having obtained a sort of donut-base, we can use it as a mold for felt or pannolenci which must be cut with a 1 cm margin for the seams Before sewing, however, the fabric is glued to the cardboard, adding the padding, being careful that the fabric remains taut. Fixed this soft wheel, on top we can sew or glue the decorations we prefer, starting with old buttons, to silhouettes of other fabric, beads, pins.

Christmas wreaths for children

With children you can go wild using objects found in the house, so the DIY Christmas Wreaths they become educational as well as fun. For example, we can save the old clothespins from the garbage and make them the protagonists of our Christmas. We can combine them with the hot glue, color them and weave them inside the ribbons.

Equally fun is trying to accomplish Christmas wreaths with toilet paper rolls, 5 are enough to make a work of art full of colors. Always green, with the idea of ​​recycling in mind, there are garlands made with corks and if we don't have enough, we can ask the bar downstairs to keep them for us or spread the word with relatives and friends. In this book, at 6 Euros for sale on Amazon, you will find many ideas for making more original Christmas decorations of the whole building.

Christmas wreaths: photo

Before seeing some examples of garland from which to take inspiration, I give one orally: use plastic bottles, or rather, the bases, to be painted with gold, red or silver paint and to be glued. You will get one light and very bright garland.

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