Watering of plants during the holidays

Watering of plants during the holidays

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Watering of plants during the holidays: how to water plants remotely, even when we are on vacation and leave them alone in the house for long periods.

Before leaving for holidays we have to deal with various domestic issues: putting the refrigerator at minimum intensity, turning off gas and water, setting up an alarm system and ... preparing an automatic irrigation plan for the plants we have in the house, in the garden or on the balcony.

If you need to water a large number of plants (in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace), you can prepare aautomatic watering do it yourselfwith pre-set timers and programs. If you need to irrigate a few plants that you grow at home or on the balcony, here are some strategies that will come in handy.

Watering of plants during the holidays

If your plants are acidophilic, remember not to irrigate them with tap water and follow the rules for the irrigation of acidophilic plants.

# 1. Microclimate and position of plants

First, move the pots to a more shaded position. Gather them all in the same area so the vegetation will help create a wetter microclimate.

#2. The type of vase

The pot is a key factor when the plant has to remain without water for long periods. Pay more attention to plants placed in low and wide pots because they have more limited absorption capacity. Black vessels are also more disadvantaged due to the greater absorption of solar radiation. Double fiberglass vases, due to the presence of a cavity, are the ones that consume less water. Compared to plastic, even earthenware pots consume more water because they are breathable and porous.

# 3. Double jar strategy

You will need a crock pot and a plastic pot. The plastic pot should be without drain holes, fill it with lightly pressed peat.

Inside this vase, place the earthenware container (with the plant). Before leaving for the holidays, soak the peat present in the plastic pot with water. The water-saturated peat will be a water reserve: the water, by osmosis, will pass through the pores of the earthenware pot and will hydrate the soil of your plant.

# 4. Inverted bottle

A very popular strategy forwater the plants during the holidaysinvolves the use of a perforated plastic bottle on the cap and turned upside down. Do-it-yourself, however, is very complex because generally the bottle empties too quickly or the hole clogs up due to the soil. However, you can buy spouts to assemble that cost only a few euros.

# 5 Targeted products

On the market there are several products to irrigate the plants in the long term, so as to avoid daily maintenance. From the aforementioned spouts to gel products. Let's see which are the most effective.

  • Gel products

It is a cylinder that must be "uncorked" and planted in the soil of the pot. The water must be released gradually because it is contained in the form of a "colloidal solid", a sort of jelly that gradually releases water into the soil. This is an excellent solution for long absences. These products can be purchased in stores specializing in the sale of garden items or online.

On Amazon, we recommend a "convenience size stock" of 12 water cylinders or a single proposal. Each cylinder can water a plant for 20 - 30 days, depending on the size of the pot.

  • Nozzles for irrigation

Using a large basin of water, it is possible to water the plants during the holidays, even if you are away for several months! The product transfers the water from the basin to the pot with different intensity: the higher the water level is compared to the surface of the pot, the higher the irrigation intensity will be. An irrigation set consisting of 3 spouts (therefore to irrigate three plants), is offered on Amazon at a price of 9.95 euros with free shipping.

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