Largest Marine Park in the World: Sea Ross

Largest Marine Park in the World: Sea Ross

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Largest marine park in the world, a title for which Antarctica fought and just got the better of it. In fact, the news is very recent that the Ross Sea has officially become the largest Marine park of the world. It was not trivial to obtain this result, it is historic both for the impact it will have on the environment and on politics and relations between the states involved in this record.

Largest Marine Park in the world: the Sea Ross

The Largest marine park in the world today it has an extension of 1.55 million square kilometers and from the end of 2017 (December) it will be a protected area for 35 years. What were they waiting for to make it so? That the Russian veto be dropped so that a solid and lasting understanding can be found between the 25 'protector' countries.

The agreement overthrows the Hawaii that until recently boasted of hosting the Largest marine park in the world and carry this honorific title to the South Pole. The islands now second in the ranking remain a paradise to visit and an important area for the conservation of biodiversity, we promptly wrote about it in the article Largest Marine Park in the World at Hwaii.

The new Park created will succeed in protect the Ross Sea and to imagine its size we have to unite the area of ​​Great Britain, France and Germany in our minds. To host this signature that will remain in history, was the capital ofTasmania island, Hobart, which hosted representatives of 24 countries and the European Union, that is, members of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Fauna and Flora (CCAMLR) in order to take advantage of the fall of the Russian veto to break the Hawaiian record. Initially the duration of the agreement was half a century, but Russia has always imposed that the period be reduced from 50 to 35 years.

Largest Marine Park in the world: a crucial area for environmental balance

Let's look at the positive and not the 15 “lost” years, let's look at what the Largest marine park in the world in Antarctica will entail. An immense bay in the Pacific, that of the Ross Sea, will become protected, we are talking about 1.55 million square kilometers of surface. Well 1.22 million square kilometers will be closed to fishing in what is now known as "the last ocean".

Indeed, the new largest Marine Park in the world is going to protect what is rightly considered the last remaining intact marine ecosystem on the planet, the only "corner" of fluid surface pollution, overfishing or invasive species have not yet doomed to environmental disaster.

TO December 2017 the agreement enters into force but we can already now celebrate what is unanimously considered a historical result long requested and desired both with support campaigns, by environmental associations, and with collections of signatures, by important and environmentally conscious personalities, such as actor Leonardo Dicaprio.

Largest Marine Park in the World: Sea Ross Map

To see with our own eyes and verify that the Ross Sea is truly the largest marine park in the world, here is a map to navigate with eyes and imagination.

Largest marine park in the world: the role of the CCAMLR

Immense area, the one protected by Largest marine park in the world, and the effort to reach an understanding that seemed to be a mirage was also immense. A decisive role was certainly played by the CCAMLR countries as well as the countries that most supported this cause including New Zealand and the United States.

It is effectively the first time that nations have agreed to protect a gigantic portion of the ocean beyond national jurisdictions. It was necessary to reduce the time of validity of the agreement to have the necessary unanimity but the Largest marine park in the world manages to dictate conditions also regarding the protection of marine life, sustainable fishing and activities of scientific interest. Waiting for the end of 2017, we can daydream with a video dedicated to Largest marine park in the world.

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