Restructuring following the principles of green building

Restructuring following the principles of green building

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Like home refurbishingfollowing the principles ofgreen building: careful planning of the phases of therenovation to use the techniques ofsustainable architecture.

The interventions that can be performed during agreen building renovationthey can be of different entities.

Green building renovation:how to orient the rooms

If therenovationit is very extreme, it is possible to follow the principles of bioclimatic architecture to orient the environments taking into account the path of the sun.

This architectural strategy, widely used in bioclimatic, allows you to obtain maximum heat recovery by radiation during the winter and maximize the natural lighting of the house.

Always following the principles of bioclimatic architecture, it is possible to create openings (windows and doors) arranged in such a way as to ensure excellent natural ventilation. So with agreen building renovationit will be possible to redesign the layout of the rooms (taking into account the path of the sun) and obtain:

  • natural lighting
  • natural ventilation
  • heat recovery by solar radiation

Generally, in a bioclimatic project, we tend to place the living area facing south. The sun rises towards the east, passes through the south and sets towards the west. South-facing living room and kitchen will benefit from natural light for most of the day.

In summer, all transparent building envelopes (windows and facades) facing south should include solar shading and shading systems. In winter, the same windows will ensure excellent heat recovery given by solar radiation.

Always speaking of the building envelope, the renovation project should include high windows and light surfaces to further increase the internal lighting.

The bedroom sees its optimal orientation to the north-east: it receives sunlight in the morning, moreover, a not too high temperature is recommended during sleep. On the other hand, all environments facing north-west will benefit from the maximum sun exposure towards sunset.

Restructuring a house with green building:materials and certifications

Inhome refurbishingfollowing the principles ofgreen building, it is important to evaluate the materials used: the materials used must be "healthy", safe for human health and the environment. Plasters, coatings, fabrics, paints ... it will be necessary to choose non-toxic materials that can give the maximum benefits.

The evaluation of the materials used must be carried out at 360 °: from the new flooring to the fixtures, from the insulating panels for the thermal coat to the paints for painting the facades. No material should be left to chance.

The best fixtures, to consider in case ofrenovationfollowing the principles ofgreen building, are highly thermally efficient and have energy efficiency class A. The new floor must have excellent thermal insulation (especially if the house is located on the ground floor) and sound insulation. For flooring and furnishings, materials such as solid wood are preferred.

Restructuring a house with green building:thermal insulation

Thereinsulationenvironments is a very dear topic togreen building. A well insulated environment guarantees minimum heat dispersion and therefore maximum efficiency when it comes to domestic heating and cooling.

During the renovation, for the insulation of the house it is possible to take advantage of:

  • internal thermal coat
  • external thermal coat

The internal coat, regardless of the principles of green building, must be made with natural (non-toxic) insulating materials, therefore it sees costs related to the purchase of the most important raw materials.

Creating an external thermal coat is often seen as a very expensive intervention, with the thermal coat the aim is to create an energy-saving building envelope.

Green building renovation:the role of home automation

In phase ofrenovationit will be necessary to integrate USB sockets in the walls, ducts for the passage of wires and other strategies to integrate sensors useful for home automation. Home automation technologies nowadays allow us to save energy and use resources efficiently. From wi-fi thermostats to heat recovery systems, from intelligent LED lighting to systems for automatic cleaning of the entire home! In short, home automation is the first ally of comfort and well-being. To know more:

  • home automation and energy saving
  • operating principles of home automation

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