How to water the plants

How to water the plants

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How to water the plants if they are in pots or in the ground, according to the seasons and their type. It's not that simple and it takes sensitivity and listening, just like when dealing with people. Each plant, each of us, has its own needs, if we have a large and crowded garden to look after, but we cannot go crazy by dosing water from pot to pot, from tree to flower, that's why there are "rules" that can help us keep our green well by knowing how to water the plants in a practical and efficient way.

How to water the plants during the year

There is no single way of doing when it comes to saying How to water the plants, There is no fixed rule either on the ways or on the times, we must pay attention to our care and above all trust our body. That's right: we caress, look and smell to understand How to water plants when they need water.

We can touch the ground on the surface and evaluate: if it is wet or even just fresh, it is useless to add water, on the contrary if it is dry it is necessary to water. If we can't make up our minds, let's take a look at the leaves to catch any signs of withering. If there are, it is necessary to give the plant water before it goes limp and weakens.

In this field analysis, to evaluate How to water the plants it may be useful to know a priori in which type of ground it lives because if it is clayey, it retains water for a long time, if it is sandy, much less. Another factor to keep in mind are the roots: if they are abundant it means that it is necessary to water much more generously, moreover those shrubs with large roots and small leaves they usually need less water than when the leaves are large, thin and delicate, therefore more exposed to evaporation.

How to water your plants when you go on vacation

If in everyday life we ​​already know How to water the plants, we can still be unprepared for a holiday that forces us to leave them unattended. If we have a friend, daughter, dad or neighbor with a green thumb who lend themselves to bathing our beautiful creatures on a regular basis, we're in luck, but it's not a given.

For some short holidays, less than a week, just to detach, just water the plants well before leaving and remember not to leave them in the sun if they are in pots, so that they do not dry out in a few hours. If we are leaving for two weeks, however, it is better to organize ourselves in order to understand How to water plants even without being at home.

Fortunately today there are numerous self-watering systems with varying degrees of autonomy, prices and mechanisms. There are even vases that have a cavity specifically designed to be a water reserve, they are vases on purpose and we must arrange the plant before leaving, in time, not while we are taking off.

More practical and faster is the system that quenches the plants with a diffuser: just stick it directly into the ground, close to the roots, and will provide daily irrigation.

How to water potted plants

Whether we have a garden or only a balcony, most likely many of our plants are in pots and it is good to know How to water the plants in this site, because they have greater needs than those in the open ground. All the more reason, we sharpen our eyes and try to notice the signals that Mother Nature sends us.

A few notions can help us evaluate how to act from time to time, for example when the vases are in terracotta, we have to use twice as much water than when the material is plastic because the porosities are greater and evaporation is also greater. It goes without saying that when we have plants that require a lot of water, better put them in plastic pots.

When we think of How to water the plants we do not take it for granted that if they are the pots, they cannot take advantage of the rains, we can arrange them in an area where they are reached or equip ourselves with rainwater recovery systems. Maybe it's not immediate, but then we save a lot of water and nowadays it's a green action worthy of a GreenApes.

How to water succulents

For this type of green we cannot proceed by default in the same way as always, How to water succulents however, it is no longer complex to learn. Let's get rid of all clichés and put it in mind that they too need water. They should be bathed a few times a year, however, and above all it is necessary integrate with fertilizer, insecticide and / or fungicide.

When we buy or receive plants still in a peat block, let's repot them immediately in a land that is also composed of stones, or sand, at least for 50%, only after this essential step can we then learn How to water succulents.

When to water the plants

We must have an eye, a good touch, and a little nose to understand when to water the plants. If they give off a bad smell, it is often because there is a stagnation of liquids and they are rotting, so stop with water for a while. If touching the ground and the leaves we feel a sensation of cool or even damp, stop with the water, and try again the next day. If we see dry and dehydrated leaves, which sag, water! To learn the best, you can read When to water the plants.

Watering cans for plants: where to buy them

We just have to see if we understand over time How to water the plants, you just have to buy suitable watering cans that are of quality, spending little. On line you can find excellent opportunities for every type of need. If a 1 and a half liter watering can is enough, at about 10 Euros on Amazon we can find it in green, the big 10 liter one costs a little more. Do not exceed 20 Euros for the 3-liter watering can in super-resistant material.

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