Belgian Shepherd Dog: character and breeds

Belgian Shepherd Dog: character and breeds

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Belgian Shepherd Dog, more correctly said, Chien de Berger Belge, in his homeland, or Belgian Shepherd Dog, so to speak in the rest of the world, since then it becomes even more difficult to understand what dog you are talking about because there are four varieties: Groenendael, Laekenois, Malinois and Tervueren. The standard changes, but they have the same history, the same character and the care and advice to future owners are identical according to breeders and experts.

Belgian Shepherd Dog

This breed, beyond the varieties, originates in the strain of dogs that was used for grazing in northeastern Europe long ago, just like that of German Shepherd. The Belgian Shepherd Dog was born thanks to a group of scholars from the Cureghen Veterinary School in Belgium who started a first selection of the breed, then on 29 September 1891 in Brussels the Club du Chien de Berger Belge and on 15 November 1891 there was the first meeting dedicated to this dog.

The first breed standard, unique and without variety, was filed on March 20, 1894, it is from that moment that the quarrels began that led to the split, even within the official club, between the various breeders who cheered for both varieties of Belgian Shepherd Dog. Today there are 4 current standards, unchanged for over 20 years, since 1974 mating between different varieties has been prohibited.

Belgian Shepherd Dog: character

The character of all four variants of the Belgian Shepherd Dog it is unique and enviable. It is a dog with a flexible and versatile nature, very suitable for guarding, defense, driving for the blind, or in case of disasters and avalanches. He makes a lot of company, and obviously being a Belgian Shepherd Dog, does the shepherd well.

It is an animal alert and active, always ready for action or already in action, he defends the property and the owner, and the owner's friends, has a confident character, the way of doing it makes it immediately clear, even if only by crossing his proud and attentive gaze. This security should not be interpreted as arrogance or the like, on the contrary: the Belgian Shepherd Dog he is very sensitive and generous, never dangerous or aggressive, but impulsive and affectionate, faithful and loyal.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois

The Malinois Belgian Shepherd Dog is perhaps the best known, I talked about it in a dedicated article, "Belgian Shepherd Malinois". Of the four varieties, this is the only one with short hair, although still abundant on the tail and around the neck. This dog has a herringbone tail, but without a plume, it can only appear in the fawn version with black mask.

Groenendael Belgian Shepherd Dog

The Pastor Groenendael it has long hair as well as another variety, the Tervueren, so I will describe its characteristics a little below. The particularity of the Groenendal lies in the fact that it is the only version of the Belgian Shepherd Dog of the four over which the breeders of the club have not quarreled. It is the armistice dog, of peace, it has put everyone in agreement.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervueren

Known for its long hair, this one Belgian Shepherd Dog it has a bit shorter on the head, on the outer face of the ears and the bottom and on the limbs but on the rear edge of the forearm it has the same fringes. On the rest of the body the hair is long and smooth, particularly abundant around the neck and on the chest enough to form collar and jabot. Similarly it happens behind the thighs where they create culotte. The tail is also well trimmed with a thick and soft hair that forms a plume.

Lakenois Belgian Shepherd Dog

The only variety is the harsh coat, of all, while all of them always have a dense, dense coat of good texture, with a woolly undercoat that protects from the harsh winter climate. Coming to the hard coat of this one Lakenois Belgian Shepherd Dog, it is rough and dry, it appears matted to the eye. On the whole body it maintains a length of about 6 cm but is shorter on the upper part of the nasal bridge, the forehead and the limbs. The tail, unlike other cases, must not form a plume, as we find it in colors fawn with traces of carbonate on muzzle and tail.

Black Belgian Shepherd Dog

Black in Belgian Shepherd Dog appears in this carbonate color: in a nutshell, it means that the hairs have a black end that has a particular, shaded effect on the base color. It is a sort of "flamed" color but it is neither stained nor striped, Nel Lakenois this black is not very evident, the Groenendael can only be black backpack, the Tervueren instead also fawn-carbonate and gray-carbonate, with black mask. Among all the types of carbonate, the most appreciated today is fawn-carbonate, with a warm and not washed out fawn.

White Belgian Shepherd Dog

White in Belgian Shepherd Dog, beyond the varieties we are interested in, it is only tolerated but not particularly welcome, it usually appears on the chest and toes.

Belgian Shepherd Dog: price

The price of a copy of Belgian Shepherd Dog it can be around 800 - 1000 euros but since there are 4 varieties with different characteristics and different spreads, from area to area, it is very difficult to provide general information.

It is better to choose which variety and ask the farms that deal with it in our area. Once you have bought a puppy of this breed, there is not much to go crazy with care. A balanced diet is essential, if then ours Belgian Shepherd Dog has long hair, it is necessary to brush it every two to three weeks, removing the dead hair.

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