Largest dog in the world

Largest dog in the world

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Largest dog in the world, a title that can be passed from paw to paw, year after year, but it goes round and round the races involved, except for incoming canine extraterrestrials, they are always the same. So let's see the eligible candidates, and some protagonist from Guinness.

Largest dog breeds in the world

Among the breeds to look for the Largest dog in the world there are the Neapolitan Mastiff, the Leonberger, also called Lion Gentle, the South African Mastiff, clearly from South Africa, the Central Asian Shepherd, called Aziat, the handsome Tibetan Mastiff, known at home as Do-Khyi & Tsang-Khyi and the Caucasian Shepherd. Some Largest dog in the world lor it is also found in the Kangal, hunting dogs of Turkish origin, or in Japan among the Tosa Inu who for their peaceful behavior are associated with Sumo wrestlers.

Climbing to the podium on which stands the dog, and breed, largest in the world, we find in the third place of the probable, the Irish Greyhound, with an average height over 80 cm at the shoulder, but always very docile with people despite weighing over 50 kg.'Great Dane, known and adorable dog of German origin, calm, balanced, docile, tall more than 80 cm and heavy, 65 Kg and more.

In second place we find two Mastiffs, the Spanish Mastiff, very quiet shepherd and caretaker but who can weigh even more than 100 kg. And then there is the Mastiff of the Pyrenees, with an average weight of 95 kg and over 80 cm tall at the withers, a very slender dog, excellent guardian for flocks and herds. So far the first place is confirmed Mastiff (English Mastiff or Old English Mastiff), always friendly and patient with children but truly the Largest dog in the world.

Largest dog in the world: photo

It is really a Mastiff the Largest dog in the world And his name is Zeus. The picture speaks for itself.

Largest dog in the world: official video of the Guinness Book of Records

When it comes to dimensions, the images are more meaningful, and more truthful, so after the photo, here is a video of the Largest dog in the world. From Guinness not just in a manner of speaking.

Largest dog in the world: weight

With its 155 kg of weight it is Zorba the largest dog in the world by weight. This Mastiff, yes, still the same breed, he was born on September 26, 1981 and won the Guinness World Book as the heaviest dog in the world, and also the longest. In 1987 he weighed 142.7 kg and was elected the Largest dog in the world in weight, after two years, having gained some weight, he won again with his 155.6 kg.

Largest dog in the world: height

Let's go back to Zeus, for the height, because the Largest dog in the world measured in cm at the withers is he. Unfortunately a couple of years ago he disappeared, he was 6 years old, he was a Great Dane Danish and lived in upstate New York. Its 112 centimeters at the shoulder and its 218 centimeters when standing up on its hind legs have so far not been matched by others, by any larger Dog in the world.

Largest dog in the world: fake photos on the net

Being a title as curious as it is coveted, that of Largest dog in the world, there are tricks, tricks and jokes. And, likewise the selfie and strange photos also appear fake photos of metropolitan myths that claim to reveal the new largest dog in the world. There are those who try with photo retouching, as in commercials, how is it possible to refine the curves of the models, remove wrinkles or imperfections from the faces, why not enlarge a docile big dog?

Instead, there are those who are lazier or maybe smarter, he thought of exploiting the perspective. A simple and fun trick often used for other games and that we see applied to try to prove that you have the cutest and biggest dog in the world.

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