Burns, natural remedies

Burns, natural remedies

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Burns, natural remedies: how to treat minor burns and accidental burns. From toothpaste to olive oil, here are the really effective home remedies and those not recommended.

Iron, oven, hot baking pans, hot pans, open flame stoves, plates, boiling water ... Working in the kitchen has many side effects and among these the most common are minor burns and burns.

If the burn it is light and not a major problem, you can try one of the following natural remediesin the event of extensive or more significant burns, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor or go to the emergency room.

Burns, natural remedies

Did a jet of hot oil cause you a small burn in your hand? Did you touch the oven plate while you were baking the rice timbale? Small domestic accidents put a strain on your skin: following oneburna swollen bubble may form, do not break it for any reason but let it heal without tormenting it! This is the first step in making one heal faster sunburn. Here are the others natural remedies to use to soothe the burning:

Cold water

Cold water can be applied immediately after scalding but do not make the mistake of putting the area affected by theburndirectly under the cold water jet: the water pressure could intensify the burning. It would be more convenient to fill a basin with fresh water and immerse the affected part. Avoid adding salt to the water as the burning could intensify.


You can apply the peel of a potato or a slice of potato directly on the lightburn. This natural remedy will relieve your burning sensation: potatoes have calming properties and counteract inflammation.

Olive oil or coconut oil? Warning!

On many blogs and newspapers, the application of coconut oil or olive oil is recommended. Immediately after the burn, oil or other materials other than dedicated medical devices must NOT be applied. The oil, if applied to a still hot burn, can fry and cause further damage to the skin. Avoid its use ... you can apply olive oil or coconut oil, as well as almond oil, but only when the burn is cold.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has a large number of properties, many of which are useful in case ofsunburn. Aloe helps rebuild burned skin: apply a little aloe vera gel on the area affected by the burn. The aloe gel can be extracted directly from an Aloe leaf, peel the aloe leaves and extract the gel. Apply the gel on the burn: the gel will form a thin film that will prevent further dehydration of the burned area. Among other benefits, aloe has astringent, calming, moisturizing and mildly pain-relieving properties.

Toothpaste? Warning!

Many believe that toothpaste is to be reported amonghome remediesagainst thesunburn… Nothing more false! It is true that toothpaste has a refreshing power but due to its composition it can only be applied to the oral cavity .... in case of burns, the toothpaste is of no use, indeed, it could perform an abrasive action and worsen the situation.

Vaseline oil

Vaseline oil, as well as olive oil or coconut oil, can only be applied when the burn cools. Spread the vaseline oil on the affected areaburnand wrap it with cling film.


How to use honey? This ingredient can help heal minor burns. It helps to deflate the tissues and promotes scarring. You can spread a thin layer of honey on a sunburn gauze to apply to the affected area. The sunburn gauze should be replaced two or three times a day.


In case of sunburn you can find useful other natural remedies available on the page dedicated tohome remedies for sunburn.

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