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World Kiss Day

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World Kiss Day, not only for romance, it is an occasion to celebrate: a kiss makes our body produce a large amount of hormones and adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin are able to give us feelings of well-being and joy.

Not to be overlooked also the benefit in terms of health that concerns the prevention of certain diseases: exchange of bacteria that a kiss, whether innocent or not, composed, triggers the production of fundamental antibodies in us. Finally - and there are those who have even calculated the calories spent - the kiss puts many muscles into action. After having completely or almost completely deprived of poetry the famous gesture of kissing, we return to celebrate it with less cynicism.

World Kissing Day: when to celebrate

There World Kissing Day is July 6th, is an anniversary born in Great Britain in 1990 to remember how much a kiss can mean and change our lives and individual days. A simple and also quick gesture, but one of the most fundamental and universal in the world.

Also called World Kiss Day, the World Kiss Day it celebrates love in all its meanings, and more generally it is a hymn to the small simple acts that change the world. The July 6 it reminds us of a small reflection on how often it is not necessary to make blatant, “shouts” and ostentatious demonstrations to convey a pure, simple and precious feeling. In World Kiss Day we have all the time and ways to touch how the essentiality of a kiss, even in silence, says more than many other gestures, actions and phrases that all of humanity is beginning to get tired of.

World Kiss Day: initiatives

Flash mob of kisses, with hugs or not, marketing initiatives and organized by non-profit associations, local or universal appointments, virtual or in the town square: the World Kiss Day it recalls more than many other world days, being easily lovable and appreciated unanimously or almost.

It is not necessary to echo here the many standard initiatives organized every year for the July 6, I prefer to suggest some more original and naturally green ideas. Discounted, but allow me, perfectly themed, an excursion in Cinque Terre National Park to walk hand in hand, even if you sweat, the path of Love.

For those stuck in the city, no tour but there is no excuse for not showing up World Kiss Day with a bouquet of flowers. And if you want to choose the best, the most suitable for the type of love we want to communicate, here is: we must study the article "The meaning of flowers”.

For the sweet tooth, a feast of puff pastry and chocolate desserts and, at least in the World Kissing Day, zero guilt.

The meaning of the kiss

Traveling around the world, we will realize that the kiss has various meanings, even extremely different from each other. There world kiss day, it always falls on July 6, but as to what it can happen and mean, it depends on where we are. In general, especially in the West, the kiss is connected to love, tenderness, affection, but also to feelings of sympathy, loyalty, gratitude, compassion, joy or pain.

Just go to Japan, or Malaysia though, because the world, in the World Kiss Day, it overturns. In these countries or you don't kiss in public out of respect or even we do not kiss because it is prohibited by law, on the contrary in India we do it all right, indeed, and it is an exchange of souls because the breath contains our spirit.

Then there is the historical fame of the "French" kiss of which Aristophanes already sang the praises, and traveling in time instead of space, from age to age we find the kiss interpreted in the most varied ways. There was not yet World Kiss Day but in the Middle Ages there was the custom of kissing to greet each other while in the nineteenth century a "kissing etiquette" was drawn up. However, there have been periods where the kiss was almost taboo, today more than taboo, it is too inflated as a gesture and is often stripped of its ancient meanings.

Phrases and aphorisms about kissing

I leave the floor to famous pens and voices for some excellent suggestions from which to be inspired to prepare for World Kiss Day.
If I had to go to hell to kiss you, I would. So I can then brag to the devils that I have seen heaven without ever entering it. (William Shakespeare)
And I kiss your mouth wet with twilight. (Pablo Neruda)
Kissing someone for the first time is always some kind of miracle, an intoxicating journey along the rapids of a strange river. (Peter Cameron)
He stroked my hair and my heart hammered so hard that I thought: if he kisses me, I die. (Stefano Benni)
A man who can safely drive while kissing a beautiful girl just isn't staying giving the kiss the attention it deserves. (Albert Einstein)
Love is living two thousand dreams up to sublime kiss. (Alda Merini)
You should be kissed and by someone who knows how. (From the movie "Gone with the Wind")
Kissing is the surest way to keep quiet by saying everything. (Guy de Maupassant)
The kiss. Primrose in the garden of caresses. (Paul Verlaine)

The Kiss by Klimt

One of the works of art most related to the kiss, and which is inevitable to use for World Kiss Day, perhaps as a PC background or cover image on social media, is the painting "The kiss ”(Der Kuss) by Gustav Klimt. Oil on canvas made in 1907-08 is preserved in'Österreichische Galerie Belvedere in Vienna, is square and has in the center a man and a woman kneeling in the act of hugging each other, "resting" on a lawn full of colorful flowers.

A gold color acts as a background, eliminating the perspective. Aside from the woman's faces, hands and legs, the rest of the two human figures are covered in very luxurious clothing. To best express the essence of World Kiss Day in this painting it is the woman who, with her eyes closed and her ecstatic expression, reminds us of the sensuality and erotic side of the gesture.

The Kiss of Hayez

Without wanting to neglect that of Love and Pische by Canova, another kiss I want to mention is the one immortalized by Francesco Hayez in his work which in 1859 portrayed the last kiss given to Juliet by Romeo. In this Italian painting reigns a romantic atmosphere of mystery that has conquered the world of advertising.

In fact, today this painting, in World Kiss Day and not only that, it is an excellent romantic icon. In addition to posters and gadgets, Hayez's work was exhibited, and that time in original, in Brera on 9 September 1859, a few months after the arrival of Vittorio Emanuele and Napoleon III in Milan.

Academic kiss

It is no longer in use today, and is certainly not typical of the World Kiss Day but there is also the academic kiss. It is a form of solemn commendation conferred in addition to honors when the degree is obtained. It remains an expression steeped in symbolic meaning and is often used as a way of saying to refer to a sort of recognition more than the standard. And that we can always receive, not necessarily on July 6 as we celebrate the World Kiss Day.

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