Security and burglar-proof windows

Security and burglar-proof windows

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Security windows for a thief-proof home. We point out the best classes for choosing burglar-proof and shatterproof security windows. The windows must ensure high security for the home by maximizing home comfort.

Fixtures play a crucial role in home safety and comfort, when they are not chosen carefully two factors can occur:

  • - thermal dispersions
  • - low levels of security

Generally, thieves prefer to access from the main or secondary entrance, however it is good to consider that 12% of thefts occur by entering through the windows. After seeing thetips for choosing a security door, let's move on to windows.

Asafety window, better definedanti-burglary window, must resist the unhinging of the door: the oldest tool used by thieves is the classiccrowbar, leveraging between the two doors with this tool, a good onesafety windowit must not yield. In addition, it is also the glass that makes the difference. The first characteristics to look for in theanti-burglary windowsI'm:

  • – Resistance to unhinging the door
  • – Resistance to glass breaking

As for thesecurity doors, even for the windows there areReference classes always governed byENV 1627 standard. Just as explained in the aforementioned article dedicated toarmored doors, Even theanti-burglary windowsthey are divided into 6 different classes.

Features to be evaluated

In the classification, the difference is made by the type of hardware. Among the most effective mechanisms against thieves we mention themushroom-shaped pawl, a closing mechanism that binds the door to the frame in a very firm way. Three strikes per ratchet represent the highest level of security for a window.

Much attention must be paid to the thickness of the door and frame. To ensure excellent resistance, it is necessary to aim for the presence of internal reinforcements in folded steel over and over again.

To prevent the forced opening of the windows, just as seen for thesecurity doors, it is possible to evaluate the adoption of a defender that prevents forcing it with a drill. In addition, to make access to the handles more difficult, it is recommended to use windows that open with buttons or with removable keys.

Safety glass

Glass makes up most of the surface of a window. In choosing the glass it is possible to take advantage of the anti-burglary certification by investigating the differences between the classes. We can generally subdivide thesafety glassin two different categories:bulletproof glassand anti-burglary glass.

The glasses for theanti-burglary security windowsthey are equipped with laminated windows made with two or more sheets. The individual sheets are assembled together by means of anti-burglary (PVB) and anti-burglary plastic films. The anti-burglary and anti-burglary certification is only issued following laboratory tests. For anti-burglary glass there are 8 security levels governed by the UNI En 356 standard.

What are the classes? They range from P1A to P5A (passing through P2A, P3A, P4A) and from P6 B to P8B. The security classes are listed in ascending security order.

Bulletproof glass, better defined as fire-resistant glass, is made of sheets of special materials coupled with elastomers which, in case of attack, keep the glass compact. The reference standard for the classification of bulletproof safety glass is Uni En 1063. Always going in increasing safety order, the classes for the safety certification of bulletproof glass are:

  • from BR1 to BR7
    These are glasses that resist the blows of guns and rifles
  • from SG1 to SG2
    These are glasses that are resistant to shotguns

Who decides to installsecurity windowsmust follow several precautions to secure the frame to the masonry. In this context, we advise you to follow the precautions seen forarmored doors.

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