Entlebuch Mountain Dog: Character and Price

Entlebuch Mountain Dog: Character and Price

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Entlebuch Mountain Dog, the smallest of the four Swiss mountain dogs that we have known. This animal is smaller but still tricolor, of excellent character, Swiss from the legs to the truffle and absolutely good. Not suitable for guarding, it finds its place in all families who want to pamper it. Today this breed is not very widespread but it has its fans and admirers and I foresee a good success for it as a companion dog.

Entlebuch Mountain Dog: origins

The Entlebuch Mountain Dog, clearly Swiss, he comes from the valley that forms the hinge between the cantons of Lucerne and Berne, homonymous of the dog, or rather, our cowherd takes its name. The first official appearance of the breed dates back to 1889 and is under the name of "Entlibucherhund". Ancient origins, therefore, but as an official breed it struggled to emerge because for a long time its destiny was intertwined with the similar Appenzell cattle dog, delaying official recognition and dissemination as Entlebuch Mountain Dog in name and in fact.

Something began to change in 1913 on the occasion of the Langenthal dog show when four specimens managed to be registered in the Swiss book of origins (LOS) as the fourth breed of cattle and not as members and guests of cattle cousins. Good progress but the next step in the career of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog arrives after more than 10 years: in 1927 the first standard was drawn up and the Swiss Mountain Dog Club of Entlebuch was founded shortly before, on 28 August 1926.

No boom followed the officialization of the breed, the number of members remained low and the Entlebuch Mountain Dog it spread very slowly over the territory. Whoever lasts wins it, and the cattlemen are big heads, literally and not: in recent years even ours Entlebuch Mountain Dog he has managed to make himself known as an excellent companion and utility dog ​​and is pondering become popular. Calmly. But determination. We will in fact see that it is typical of his being active and tireless.

Entlebuch Mountain Dog: weight

Having said that it is the smallest of the cattlemen, the Entlebuch Mountain Dog however, it weighs an average of 25-30 kg, with a height that, like kg, varies with the sex of the specimen. A male at the withers measures 44 - 52 cm, a female from 42 to 48. Its appearance is in fact that of a compact dog, of medium - low size, with a slightly elongated shape and less massive than its colleagues.

In its small size it maintains harmoniousness and balance, the head is well proportioned to the body, slightly conical and lean, the skull is flat and relatively broad with a little marked stop ending in a thick black nose. The snout of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog, to be that of a cattle dog, it is well chiseled but not to the point of appearing pointed, the eyes are hazel according to the "bovara" tradition and, always as usual, very sweet, very expressive and intelligent. Their shape is rounded.

The ears are also softened, rounded, a little drooping and not too big to appear funny. The tail of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog it is not very long but it can be seen well and is slightly inclined, marking the pace of this cute dog that moves smoothly and never abruptly.

Entlebuch Mountain Dog: puppies

One of the first features that strikes looking at the puppies Entlebuch Mountain Dog is the hair. Tricolor, like a mountain dog, and soft. Voluminous. In fact this breed has a double hair, the covering one is short, well laid, hard and shiny, the undercoat instead appears denser. In general the coat can also be slightly wavy but it is better to be smooth, especially on the withers and on the back.

As for the colors, the Entlebuch Mountain Dog is tricolor, albeit Swiss. In fact, his tricolor is obviously not that of the flag but the classic canine with a black background and markings that go from yellow to brownish red, almost rust-colored, to which to add the beautiful white spots. The latter, according to the standard, the more symmetrical the better, for puppies as well as for adults. Both the spots and the markings have their positions which are the reason why the cattle dogs are recognizable even to non-experts.

Above the eyes, on the cheeks and on the muzzle, at the throat, on each side of the chest and on the four limbs, there must be markings between black and white, the undercoat in these areas is usually dark gray or brownish although not you notice a lot. For white spots the localization in Entlebuch Mountain Dog it is more than articulated. We have a white list, narrow and clearly visible, without interruptions from the skull to the nose along the nose, another goes from the chin to the chest through the throat.

White spots on the feet must be added, almost elegant slippers, and the touch of irresistible sympathy. Which one? The tip of the tail in white, usually when the tail is of natural length. If a small white spot appears on the nape of a Entlebuch Mountain Dog it is not serious, it will not be removed from the breed but it is not a particular appreciated by purists.

Entlebuch Mountain Dog: character

The cattlemen all have an enviable disposition both from dogs and from many stressed humans, ours Entlebuch Mountain Dog he is a strong and fearless spirit, lively and attentive but above all good. It is enough to look at him to understand that he is devoted to his master for life and very affectionate.

Even if he is slightly suspicious of strangers, with whom he knows or who seems to him a deserving person Entlebuch Mountain Dog he is meek and sociable. In fact it is not the case to use it as a guard dog even if intelligent and easy to train.

Lively, with a confident and intrepid temperament, he is an excellent one companion and utility dog, faithful, loyal, joyful. It also goes well with children, with the precaution of the size that must be able to manage.

Entlebuch Mountain Dog: breeding

In Italy, the breeding of Entlebuch Mountain Dog it can only be carried out by an ENCI-recognized breeder, at the moment the official website of the institution reports two throughout the territory, one in Lombardy, in the province of Sondrio, and another in Veneto, in the Vicenza area. As for diffusion, as I mentioned, this Entlebuch Mountain Dog is preparing to win our hearts: in 2011 it was at 0 units according to Enci and in 2015 at 13. We will see.

Meanwhile, looking at our neighbors, to understand if only we have such a regulated breeding, I saw that Austria and Switzerland are no different.

In Austria theEntlebuch breeding and the issue of the relative pedigree can only be carried out by a breeder approved byAustrian association of the Swiss Mountain Dog (VSSÖ Verein für Schweizer Sennenhunde in Österreich), in Switzerland the same rule applies with reference to Entlebuch Swiss Mountain Dog Club (SKES Schweizerischen Klub für Entlebucher Sennenhunde). Even in Switzerland, the homeland of Entlebuch Mountain Dog, the Club seems to subject the dogs to be reproduced to selection tests that must be repeated annually.

Entlebuch Mountain Dog: price

A puppy of Entlebuch Mountain Dog it can cost from 800 euros upwards. It depends on the pedigree and the litters, on the availability of the moment which, as seen, is not abundant. The breeding is subject to very strict rules, this time more than ever I would avoid relying on companies not recognized by the reference body, in our case the ENCI.

For the rest, a Entlebuch Mountain Dog puppy it is an excellent compromise for those who want a mountain dog but do not have a lot of space. The reduced size does not affect the sweetness typically shown by all cattlemen.

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