Wash without detergent, driving

Wash without detergent, driving

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Wash without detergent: how to wash floors, dishes and dishes and how to do laundry without detergent. All the instructions to clean the house without detergents.

Economic savings, allergies and love for the environment could lead us to experiment withwashing without detergent. This may be the laundry in washing machine,dishes and dishes or floors and other surfaces ... there is always a way to do without the artificial detergents proposed by the chemical industry.

Wash with pure water, without detergent

In most cases, to wash efficiently, we don't need detergents ... water is enough!

Water is more effective if:

  • used in the form of steam thanks to a steam cleaner
  • used at high pressure (steam cleaner, dispenser ...)
  • used at high temperatures
  • pure water or at least free of limescale

Boiling water can also remove paint stains ... if there have been too careless painters in the house, you just need a bucket of hot water and a sponge, no solvent! To make the most of hot water, a steam cleaner or very hot water from the tap and a lot of willpower would be enough.

As for limestone, unfortunately this is the enemy of cleaning! Pure water, free of dissolved salts (those that cause limestone) generates a perfect chemical dipole that literally goes torip offdirt from surfaces. If the water in your home is very hard (very calcareous), use a water softener and consider installing special filters.

Pure water is also perfect for doing laundry without detergent. It is so effective that in the specialist cleaning sector it is used to descale and eliminate the deposits that wind and atmospheric agents leave on the solar panels.

Steam cleaner

Among the advantages related to the use of a steam cleanerthere is no use of chemical detergents: thanks to steam cleaners it is possible to eliminate dirt, germs, bacteria, encrustations, molds and dust mites without the use of artificial detergents. All surfaces can be cleaned simply by using high pressure water vapor. Perfect for cleaning the shower cubicle, bathroom, tiles, joints ... but also the hob and pot! All information:steam cleaners, prices and models.

Wash dishes without detergent

Here, too, water is our first ally: just after lunch, soak the dishes, do not let sauces or other foods dry on the bottom of the pots. Leave the dishes to soak in hot water and then rub them with a sponge. Very useful it iswash the dishes with the pasta cooking water: it is very hot and richer in starch. The ash from the chimney can help you clean the most difficult encrustations.

For grease and fat, use do-it-yourself detergents (a paste based on lemon and baking soda) or biodegradable detergents.

Wash your laundry without detergent

Do thelaundry without detergentit's not impossible. In most cases, the power of hot water is enough for a washing machine. However, if you like to have perfumed linen, you can wash with hot water and add a few drops of an essential oil ... better if with disinfectant properties such as Tea Tree essential oil.

Use a good biodegradable detergent only in case of stubborn stains that do not go away with a pre-wash. How to prewash without detergent? Very simple! By following the instructions, spot by spot, you will find in our article dedicated to natural remedies forStains on fabrics.

Wash the floors without detergent

The steam cleaner is perfect for thewashing without detergentofcarpet, parquet, stone floors or classic tiles. If you really don't want to buy this useful appliance, use simple vinegar added to pure hot water. Add about ten drops of Tea Tree essential oil to the water (Tea Tree oil has an excellent disinfectant function). The essential oil can also be added to the steam dispenser tank.

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