How to grow eggplant

How to grow eggplant

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How to grow eggplant: guide to the cultivation of the different varieties of eggplant. From classic to round, from white aubergine to narrow and long. Tips for growing aubergines in pots or in open fields.

Aubergines, a typical summer vegetable, lend themselves to many preparations in the kitchen. You can prepare many delicious side dishes, they can be the ingredient for a first course or be a single dish as in the case of stuffed eggplant. In short, the eggplant must not be missing in the kitchen!

If you have a small space in the garden you can devote yourself to the cultivation of aubergines which, with the right varieties, also adapts to the jar.

There cultivation of eggplant in potsor in the vegetable garden, it does not require particular cultural knowledge or advanced agronomic techniques. In this regard we will illustrate you how to grow eggplant following our directions.

Variety of eggplant

Existround eggplant, oval, piriform, with a cylindrical or elongated shape. Eggplants, according to thevariety, differ in shape and color. The shapes we have just listed, as regards the colors we have purple eggplant (dark or light), mottled purple, white aubergines and yellow aubergines.

For open field cultivation, varieties with large fruit are recommended. For the cultivation of aubergines in pots, medium or small sized varieties such as those with an elongated shape are recommended. The elongated aubergines have a smaller diameter but have the advantage of ripening faster so the plant can give a greater yield.

Thevariety of eggplantmost popular in Italy are:

  • Auberginevioletta of Florence
    It is a late variety, has a light purple skin and produces large fruits with compact pulp.
  • AuberginePurpura
    This variety has a very firm pulp and keeps well in the fridge. It has a purplish violet color and oval fruits. It is a late variety that takes 10 weeks from seed to harvest.
  • Sicilian eggplant
    It is an elongated eggplant, has a dark skin, fruits up to 20 cm long, generally very straight. It adapts well to growing in pots. Requires a brace!
  • Long violet eggplant
    Like the previous one, it adapts well to cultivation in pots. It has less regular shaped fruits than the Sicily variety.
  • White eggplant
    There are several varieties of the most disparate shapes. The one with the most consistent or flavorful pulp is called"Easter eggs"literary translation of "easter egg". Its name "eggplant egg" is justified by its shape.

The white eggplant they are easy to grow but less easy to find in the nursery. On Amazon, a sachet of white eggplant seeds is priced at 4 euros with shipping costs included. For every information:Sachet of egg white eggplant seeds.

How to grow eggplant, directions

For grow eggplant we can resort to sowing in seedbeds or when purchasing seedlings ready to be planted. The eggplant they love a mild climate, with temperatures that never drop below 13 degrees. That said, here are the instructions forgrow eggplant.

  • Work in advance with adequate advance, digging and applying organic fertilizer such as manure.
  • Ensure a substrate with excellent drainage.
  • Since eggplants are climbing plants, place supports. Guardians are also needed in case of cultivation of eggplant in pots.
  • Fertilize at the time of planting, then limit yourself to weeding and tamping the soil to protect the plants, in order to prevent the formation of weeds.
  • Manually remove dead leaves and branches that could steal valuable nutrients.
  • Eggplants need pruning, or rather, a topping! One month after planting, proceed with a light topping to facilitate greater production.

The irrigation of the eggplant varies according to the development of the plant. During the start of cultivation, water abundantly until after the first planting. Always pay attention to water stagnation. Irrigate at least three times a week in case of cultivation in open ground. Irrigate daily in case of cultivation of aubergines in pots. When the plant is well developed, wait for the soil to dry completely between one irrigation and the next. Increase the watering frequency again when the first fruit appears on the plant. Water is important for having large aubergines!

How to grow aubergines in pots

If you don't have much space, you can also grow aubergines in pots, on the balcony or terrace: just get a fairly large and deep pot, preferably in terracotta. The pot should be filled with good soil mixed with a part of manure. The species that best lends itself to cultivation is the perlina, the Sicily or the long violet. These varieties produce narrow and long fruit with greater earliness.

When to harvest the eggplant

The eggplant they are harvested in early summer when they are not yet fully ripe, otherwise the pulp hardens.

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